Grease Interceptors

Built tough to handle all of your vehicle load requirements.

Precast concrete grease interceptors remove grease from the waste stream and bring the water to acceptable effluent standards before discharging it into a sanitary sewer system. Grease interceptors are easy to maintain and large enough to hold considerable amounts of grease. Located underground and outside the kitchen area, precast concrete grease interceptors help keep restaurants and other commercial kitchen areas sanitary by removing waste from the cooking area. Workman Precast interceptors are designed to withstand wheel loads and are watertight in sizes from 1000 to 3000 gallons. We not only provide quality interceptors, but also deliver and set them in place as well.

Grease Interceptor Capacity and Dimensions


Grease Interceptor-1000
Grease Interceptor-1500
Grease Interceptor-2000
Grease Interceptor-2500
Grease Interceptor-3000