Wall Products

Workman Precast produces a wide range of engineered earth retaining systems designed to provide a straight forward and cost-effective solutions for your next project.

Issues with wall height, right-of-way, drainage, quality control and aesthetics can all be overcome by specifying the use of a Workman Precast concrete earth retaining system.

Workman Precast has numerous systems available which include precast concrete mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) face panels and large precast modular blocks (PMB).

For your next roadway wall, commercial retaining walls, residential retaining walls, or shore protection walls, Workman Precast has the solution for you!


Workman Precast is a licensed manufacturer and distributor of the Redi-Rock Retaining Wall. Redi-Rock created a system using 6 square foot block weighing 1500 to 2400 pounds. The large scale of the system allows walls to be built higher than other retaining wall systems without expensive geo grid or tie backs. Redi-Rock has a full line of accessories including retaining walls, freestanding walls, caps, columns and column caps, and steps with the look of natural quarried walls. Redi-Rock fits beautifully into any landscaping needs including residential, commercial, and roadway applications.

Please visit redi-rock.com for more information and technical drawings.


Workman Precast is a licensed manufacturer and distributor of the Stone Strong Retaining Wall. Stone Strong’s main block boasts a 24 square foot block weighing 6000 pounds, making it the largest precast retaining wall block available on the market today. Stone Strong provides an engineered solution for gravity retaining walls that is attractive and structurally sound. Its massive size and scale of block make this product ideal for commercial and municipal applications. Labor time and installation costs are greatly reduced due to the mass of these blocks.

Please visit stonestrong.com for more information and technical drawings.

Wall Panels

The use of precast concrete panels is a well-established technique with over thirty thousand structures built worldwide over the past thirty years.

The concrete panel system maximizes the benefits resulting from reinforced soil by providing. A cost effective solution and a robust structure that can accommodate high working and dead loads associated with bridge abutments and other large retaining walls.

Mechanically Stabilized Embankments (MSE)

MSE represent an innovative method of resolving familiar as well as unfamiliar and challenging problems. Instead of regarding soil as a mass to be contained by force, the earth itself is reinforced to become an integral part of the structure. The walls behave as gravity structures in an integral unit and provide structural flexibility.